Toyota offers the popular midsize pickup truck with the Toyota Tacoma. This pickup offers many different features.

The Tacoma has many different safety features. One of those is the no-cost maintenance plan that also includes roadside assistance. For all new Toyotas, the ToyotaCare maintenance plan is available. This is designed to cover all the normally scheduled maintenance for up to two years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. The 24-hour road assistance is also available for the 2 years at no additional charge.

The Pre-collision system along with the Pedestrian Detection is also available on the Toyota Tacoma. This system uses millimeter-wave radar along with a camera that is able to detect shapes. It then will alert with an audio and a visual warning that there is either a pedestrian or a vehicle in the way. It will also react through automatically braking if it needs to in order to avoid the collision.

For more details on the other features of the Toyota Tacoma, go and take one for a test drive today.

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