Toyota 4Runner looks like a muscle ride, but it's actually a svelte, capable midsize SUV that consistently ranks high in its class. Fans love Toyota 4Runner for its mastery of off-road landscapes and its intelligent cargo space. Here at Lodi Toyota, we love Toyota 4Runner for the above reasons and for its sporty, handsome exterior features.

Touch-Sensor Lock & Unlock

Lock and unlock Toyota 4Runner doors with the touch of one or two fingers. This nifty feature can be set when needed or disabled when unnecessary. It eliminates those touchy times when you might end up fumbling with keys and fobs, and makes it easier for large groups to board and disembark during nights out into Lodi or off-road excursions in the outback.

Panoramic Rear View

Toyota 4Runner's huge liftgate windows provide an unobstructed, panoramic view of the road and landscape behind you. Plus, privacy glass on the rear side affords a modicum of discretion, especially when you're toting valuables.

A test drive is the best way to see all of the Toyota 4Runner's features for yourself. Pop by our dealership today, and let's enjoy a test drive.



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