The Toyota Highlander brings many brilliant features to the SUV market. The vehicle stands apart from other mid-sized SUVs and maintains a high level of popularity. The exterior features prove captivating, which adds to the model's appeal.

The minute you step in front of the Highlander, you can't help but notice the fantastic Front Fascia. The front grille looks downright artistic in design. The way the headlights weave into the grille further contribute to its brilliance. The headlights do more than illuminate the roads, important as that is. They also add to the vehicle's visual style.

The SUV also comes with Daytime Running Lights, which help improve visibility during sunlight time. Besides adding a little more safety, these lights also further boost the cool look of the front. They are a nice exterior touch.

Come to see one in the showroom at Lodi Toyota. Better yet, take a Toyota Highlander out on Lodi roads for a test drive.



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