The Toyota Tundra is one of the most powerful pickup trucks to enter the American marketplace from a foreign manufacturer. We at Lodi Toyota offer more than 10 exterior colors for this four-door model that's imported from Japan. Customers from Lodi, CA can select rugged finishes for the body, such as Smoked Mesquite, Quicksand and Cement. We also offer other organic-style colors for the exterior, including Voodoo Blue and Cavalry Blue.

You can add 20-inch wheels to this full-size truck that's ready to roll on a wide range of surfaces. These large wheels include multiple spokes and other attractive patterns. Additionally, all-season tires with unique tread textures may be paired with the 20-inch wheels. Mounted under the body of the vehicle, a full-size spare tire is standard for extra peace of mind. You can also add optional running boards to boost the comfort level of passengers entering this large Toyota pickup truck.

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