Use Care When Selecting Touch-up Paint to Your Vehicle

While driving around, your vehicle will inevitably suffer some surface abrasions. These tiny scars on a pristine paint job tend to dull the finish. What is worse is to attempt to correct those abrasions without paying attention to the depth and hue of the original paint color.

The importance of selecting the correct color cannot be overemphasized. A small difference in tint between the touch-up paint and your original coat leads to a larger blemish than the tiny scratch you are attempting to repair. Checking your owner’s manual may provide the information on color and tint you need in your touch-up paint. Some manufacturers will include the information next to the VIN while still others may place the information on the firewall or radiator support.

To assure the correct color, contact Lodi Toyota with your vehicle information. The information is on record and accessible through us.



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