All kinds of emergencies can occur when you get behind the wheel of your vehicle. From breakdowns to accidents, it's vitally important to know how to react and how to remain safe in an emergency.

If you are driving in an area that is unsafe to stop and your tire has a blowout, it's perfectly fine to drive on the rim in order to stop in a safer area. The most important thing to remember is to get yourself and those with you to a safe location. The rim can always be replaced, if necessary.

Once you are stopped somewhere safe, be sure to stay inside the car with your doors locked. If someone stops and offers to help, crack your window and ask them to call for help. Don't exit your vehicle until either the police or a tow truck arrives. Before you go on the road next time, be sure to have a pre-trip inspection and any other automotive needs taken care of at Lodi Toyota. Knowing your vehicle is in tip-top shape will minimize the chances of you having a roadside emergency in the first place.

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