Motor oil plays a crucial role in the care of a car. Most know the oil lubricates parts in the engine. The oil plays another role. It protects parts from impurities. Eventually, the oil becomes old and dirty. Driving about 5,000 miles on the oil breaks it down. What if you don't drive the car very much? It doesn't matter. Once the motor oil reaches six months in age, changing it becomes necessary.

A mistake people make when owning a car is not researching the requirements for routine maintenance. People often go by assumptions. One assumption is age doesn't factor into oil change. Only high mileage means anything. Drivers learn the hard way that old motor oil creates problems.

"Old" doesn't mean two-years-old. Six months is the cutoff time. Once the 180 days are up, take the car in for a much-needed oil change.

Where can you take your car in for necessary service? Come to Lodi Toyota in Lodi, CA for assistance.

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