Belts and Hoses Are the Unsung Hero of Your Car

Cars are complicated. That's why we rely on experienced service staff to fix our cars when something goes wrong. But there are some basics that every car owner should know. One such aspect are the many belts and hoses you see when you open the hood of your vehicle.

Belts act as a pulley of sorts to move all of the fans and pumps that make your car work efficiently. Hoses serve an equally important role in that they transfer liquid, whether that be coolant or simply air, which keeps your car in working order also. Because belts are typically rubber they will dry out eventually especially if you live in a warmer and drier climate. Hoses can be trickier to know when to replace but if you ever see any liquid pooling under your vehicle it is the safest bet to take the car to a trusted service center.

If you would like our experienced service team to check your belts and hoses for you or would like to have your car serviced feel free to give us a call or stop by our service center at Lodi Toyota in Lodi, CA today!

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