Fortune Magazine Recognizes Toyota as a Company Changing the World

Despite all the glitz and glam often associated with the auto industry, it is also notorious for its impact on the environment. In fact, the burning of fossil fuels is widely accepted as a major cause of global CO2 emissions. Fortunately, automakers like Toyota are taking a stand by addressing such pressing matters. That is why it was recognized by the editors of Fortune Magazine on the "Change the World" list.


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A greener future is only attainable with the development of modern technology. It is for this reason that Toyota engineers are hard at work, inventing new ways to improve their products. An example of their most recent breakthrough is the Mirai. Powered by hydrogen fuel cell, this car is an alternative to those that utilize a combustion engine. In other words, this model does not depend on limited resource such as gasoline, making it a cleaner option. Of course, this is but one part to a bigger sustainability strategy implemented by Toyota.

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