Keep Your Paint Job Looking Great

It's a no-brainer that proper maintenance will help your car last longer. Getting the oil changed and getting check ups done at regularly scheduled intervals are both great for your car, but what about the exterior? It is important to make car washes a part of your regular vehicle maintenance.

Dirt, bird droppings, and sap are some of the things that can destroy your car's paint job if left untreated. Also, when rain mixes with leftover dirt it acts as sandpaper and can scratch the paint on the surface of your car, which will expose the metal. Once metal is exposed rust is soon to follow. Rust is expensive to fix so make sure your car doesn't get to that point by washing your car on a regular basis.

In addition, waxing your car is an integral part of the exterior maintenance of your car. Wax acts as a protectant from damaging UV rays that can cause the paint to fade on your car. Faded paint can potentially decrease the car's resale value when it's time to trade it in. So do yourself and your car a favor and head to the car wash today!

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