How to Get Pre-Approved For Your Auto Loan Prior to Visiting Us!

Did you know that you can get pre-approved for your auto loan for your favorite new or used car by simply going to our website and filling out an online form? Well you know now, and all you have to do is submit a straightforward financing application to determine if you qualify for financing at Lodi Toyota! Just fill in your basic information when you apply, and then our finance department will get back in touch with you shortly. You will then know whether or not you in fact were approved for an excellent loan to buy the car of your dreams, all before you step foot on our lot.

This process will make things much easier and less frustrating for you as you go about the process of looking at different body styles, varying Toyota models, interior packages, and accessories. Knowing that your financing is already taken care of will give you peace-of-mind, and also will save you from having to spend extra time in our finance department after you have made your decision on the car that you wish to purchase.

It certainly is a great feeling to be able to take your time car shopping, without having to fret over whether your loan will cover all the expenses for your dream-car. Now all that’s left to do is take a test drive and sign the deal.

We hope you apply for financing at Lodi Toyota today!

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